Rent Service – an experienced labour supply enterprise

Rent Service OÜ focuses on supplying personnel to Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

The employees vary in education, qualifications and experience – this allows to gain the appropriate staff at the right time and place. 

Our services allow you to use your time and resources on your main activities. 

The aim of our experienced team is to take good care of our clients and employees. 

Our Finland Y-registration number is 2489777-2. 

We work according to the laws, regulations and contracts of the European Union.

Our aim is to fulfil the demands of our partners as well as possible, whilst engaging our employees in the most effective way.

Supplying personnel to Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway

Ilo Tulev  - Rent Service

Ilo Tulev

Member of Board of Directors

+372 5593 3366

Aarne Raudmäe  - Rent Service

Aarne Raudmäe


+372 5556 4373

Rent Service Oü

Y-tunnus: 2489777-2 12308565
Tuukri 19, 10152, Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: info(at)